Frazadas are stories. They are family stories. Our frazadas are hand picked and sourced from villages around Cuzco high in the Peruvian Andes. Using ancient techniques, each frazada can take around 4 weeks to complete and are made from sheep's and lama wool and coloured with natural dyes. They are the work of women gathered together to weave and each one is lovingly unique in color, texture and design.

All traditional Frazada rugs are hand woven on a smaller loom. The 2 pieces are then sewn together with a blanket stitch to make a whole rug.

100% sheep and alpaca wool

How to wash your Frazada
Choose an oversized top load washing machine that does not have a central agitator. Top load washing machines without a central agitator use jets of water instead of a twisting agitator in the center.
1. Shake it out.
2. Choose a wool wash soap.
3. Choose a wool wash cycle. Repeat if needed.
4. Dry your South American woven blanket in direct Sunlight until dry.

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