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ONDO’S Ritual Kit's consists of carefully curated healing crystals and smudge sticks inspired by crystal healing and aromatherapy through traditional smudging. Take the time to focus on what is important to you right now through ritual. Not only can it be used as a positive tool to help you become mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy by specifying your desired goal and having a sense of purpose, but it can also be used as a wonderful interior accessory that purifies your space and beautifies it as well.

Protection Ritual kit containing:

- Palo Santo: Approximately 100mm
- Dragon's Blood: Approximately 100mm
- Smokey Quartz, point, 40-65mmx20-30mm
- Tiger's Eye: polished stone,40x30x20mm
- Black Tourmaline: rough stone, 50x25x25 mm
- Product user manual
- Herringbone cotton pouch
- 1 custom made wood case each

♦ PALO SANTO, which means HOLY-WOOD in Spanish, is a tree that grows in coastal areas of South America.This tree, which has a unique and attractive sweet scent, is believed to have healing and purifying properties and has been used as a precious incense since the ancient Inca Empire. Palo Santo oil is still used as a raw material for luxury perfumes. The rich and captivating aroma of Palo Santo smoke cleanses our mind and energy, relieves tension and ward off negative forces. Palo Santo, which is characterised by sweet and woody top notes and milky middle notes, doubles its charm by adding a smoky flavor when burned.

♦ DRAGON'S BLOOD White sage, which has a sweet yet slightly spicy scent, is a sacred plant that has long been used by Native Americans to cleanse the space and spirit. This smudge stick, made of white sage coated with red natural resin hardened from a rare tree that is considered to be the 'blood of a dragon killed in battle', helps expel negative energy from the house, maintains the ideal balance of energy in the space, and has protective powers. It is also used to help maintain balance between body and mind by cultivating one's intuition and relieving stress, and is often used to create a meditative atmosphere. This is a smudge stick with spicy top notes, dry desert scent, and earthy scent.

♦ TIGERS EYE, Fearlessness + Courage.
A stone that gives you the courage to look into the eyes of the tiger and face your fears head-on, Tiger's Eye helps you fear through its bold energy. At the moment of important decisions, it strengthens your determination and ability to take action and helps you move forward with confidence, alleviating the fear of failure and becoming an invisible, strong supporter that provides the energy you need in your life.

♦ BLACK TOURMALINE, Protection + Grounding + Purification.
Black tourmaline acts like your faithful bodyguard, absorbing negative energy around you and protecting you from unwanted energies. It protects and heals you not only mentally and emotionally, but also physically. It helps boost immunity by releasing energy that supports the organs in your body, and also protects you from harmful electromagnetic energy emitted from cell phones or computers. Like an amulet, it protects you from any accident, disease, or misfortune.


When you first receive a crystal, first use a smudge stick and cleanse the crystal by surrounding it with the smoke released from it to wash away all the previous energy the crystals had (it is also good to expose them to sunlight or moonlight for about 30 minutes).
• Carry it in your pocket and take it out whenever you need to re-center yourself on any intention in your mind.
• One of the simplest ways to connect with crystals is through meditation.
Hold a crystal in one or both hands, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.
You may feel as if your body is sinking deep into the ground (GROUNDING EFFECT), or you may feel a certain lightness surrounding you. Sometimes you may not feel anything right away.
• Placing crystals on your yoga mat helps create a state of calm.
You can also place the crystal on your body while doing (SAVASANA)
• When using smudge stick, be sure to use a non-flammable bowl or container filled with sand, and avoid being near flammable items that may cause a fire.
• First, slightly open the window for ventilation. Then light one end of the smudge stick with a candle or lighter.

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